Work Package leaders meeting


The 29th and 30th of April 2015, WP leaders met in Rome to discuss the project’s state-of-the-art, to agree a new timetable in consideration of the tasks to be completed and to discuss possible solutions for the emerged critical issues.

Preliminary results of the ongoing data collection were presented, with a specific focus on the knowledge management system composed of a Web Based Application in use in each hospital partner to collect and exchange a pre-defined set of variables; and two questionnaires, also administered to enrolled patients, investigating respectively perceived quality of received care and reasons to seek treatment abroad, and patients’ satisfaction with the reimbursement procedure in their Member State of affiliation. At the 22nd of April 2015, 293 patients’ files were correctly uploaded on the Web Based Application. The data analysis is already started; results will be presented at the end of the project.

WP leaders discussed the main criticalities faced during the data collection activity, such as the attrition rate in questionnaires answers due to the patients’ voluntary participation in HoNCAB.

Experiences in data collection were discussed among the Network of Hospitals members, fostering an exchange of critical issues, solutions and internal procedures to deal with cross-border care. Based on this share of information, the Network members are preparing the official launch of the Network, to be held during the final conference, focusing on the sustainability of it, identifying valuable activities to be maintained after the end of the project.

Another two significant activities discussed are the report on DRG tariffs comparison and the case studies investigation on the issue of tourism and cross-border care.

Lastly, this WP leaders meeting represented also the opportunity to set up the methodology for the draft and finalisation of recommendations to be produced based on the project’s results. These recommendations will be presented during the final conference of the project.