Useful documents

The HoNCAB project was launched in 2012, between the adoption of the Directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (March 2011) and its definitive application in the Member States at the end of its transposition period (23 October 2013). The project aims at enabling hospitals to exchange information and experiences related to cross-border healthcare and at constituting a useful tool for EU legislators as well as national governments to monitor the effects of the Directive.

Among the following documents, you will find the text of the Directive as well as useful information related to cross-border healthcare in the EU.

European commission
Cross-border healthcare Directive
‘To know before you go': leaflet on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare
Questions and answers: Patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare
Impact of information on patients’ choice within the context of the Directive – Report
Eurobarometer report on patients‘ rights in cross-border healthcare in the EU
Report on the operation of Directive 2011/24/EU
Evaluative study on the cross-border healthcare Directive
10 benefits the EU brings to patients: EU Patients factsheet
List of National Contact Points
Regulation on the coordination of social security systems
General information and News on cross-border healthcare

Other useful documents
Summary report: Cross-border healthcare – European Patients Forum
Cross Border Healthcare and Patient Mobility in Europe – UK Department of Health paper
Directive 2011/24/UE: a remedy to obstacles to patients’ mobility? - Master thesis