Project organisation

The project is divided into nine work packages, each one having specific objectives.

WP 1: Coordination of the project
Administration and management of the project. Coordinate and oversee the work and tasks of all WPs.
WP 2: Dissemination
Make results and deliverables available to the identified target audience.
WP 3: Evaluation
Verify the project is being implemented as planned and reaches its objectives.
WP 4: Systems for exchange of information
Set up a database for data collection and entry of cross-border patients information according to pre-defined variables such as socio-demographic, health-related and administration variables.
WP 5: System to receive feedback from patients
Create a system to receive feedback from patients receiving cross-border care, with a focus on reimbursement issues.
WP 6: Hospital Network
Set up a pilot network of hospitals with a functioning organisational structure and established means of communication.
WP 7: Comparison of DRG-based tariffs
Compare the level of reimbursement for a selected list of principally elective treatments.
WP 8: Investigation on key thematic issues: tourism, cross-border care
Carry out case-studies to investigate two areas: health tourism and cross-border healthcare.
WP 9: Recommendations
Provide recommendations on the organisational requirements for cross-border management of payment issues.