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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA24 March 2017Europe Health and Tourism International Conference in Grado
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7 October 2016HoNCAB presentation at the convention on international mobility of patients, Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA21 June 2016HoNCAB network of Hospitals presented at the European Parliament
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10 June 2016HoNCAB project presented at “EUSALP and health tourism – an European Challenge”, Genova (ITALY)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA24 May 2016HoNCAB project presented at the IMTJ Medical Travel SUMMIT 2016, Madrid
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9 May 2016 HoNCAB presentation at the conference "Cross-border Healthcare: A Necessity and an Opportunity", Trieste
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA29 February 2016Presentation of HoNCAB results at the liaison office of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Brussels
1402074831_02September 2015HoNCAB project extension
1402074831_02September 2015Cross-border healthcare - Report on the operation of Directive 2011/24/EU
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA25 September 2015HoNCAB presentation at the conference "Alpine Euroregion and health tourism"
1402074831_0221 August 2015Cross-border Cooperation – expert panel on investing in health opinion
1402074831_02July 2015News from the Network of Hospitals – Revised Protocol and Network leaflet
1402074831_02July 2015News from the Network of Hospitals – Annual meeting of the Management Board
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2 July 2015“Cross-border healthcare: is it working for patients across the EU”: EPF conference
29 May 2015Evaluation of the cross border healthcare Directive – Commission Report
May 2015News from the Network of Hospitals – Good Practice Guide
May 2015New HoNCAB Website publication section on “Useful documents”
May 2015Patients‘ rights in cross-border healthcare in the EU: Eurobarometer report
29-30 April 2015Work Package leaders meeting
9 April 2015Conference “Enhancement of tourism: safety, well-being and health for the tourist. European, international projects and international cooperation”- Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy)
November 2014Guidelines on e-prescriptions dataset for electronic exchange under Cross-border Directive 2011/24/EU
August 2014Cross-border care – Report on impact of information on patient’s choice
August 2014Mapping exercise on cross-border hospital cooperation and reimbursement system
29 October 2014Conference "The case for cross-border collaboration: a pilot project to improve access to primary angioplasty to treat acute heart attack patients across borders between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia" Trieste (Italy)
23 - 24 October 2014Conference The cross-border care Directive (2011/24/EU) one year into practice – Venice
11 July 2014News from the HoNCAB Network of Hospitals – Good practices training and election of Management Board
9 - 10 July 2014HoNCAB Second Interim meeting – Lyon
2 July 2014HoNCAB project presentation at the conference “Strategies, Tools and Innovation supporting the Internationalization of Italian Healthcare” – Milan
16 June 2014First HoNCAB results presented at the European Commission’s workshop on Cooperation on Invoices – Brussels
December 2013 - January 2014HoNCAB seminars in seven countries
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5 November 2013 HoNCAB project presentation - Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy)
25 October 2013Cross-border healthcare Directive enters into force
3 - 5 July 2013HoNCAB first interim meeting – Brussels
24 - 25 October 2012HoNCAB kick-off meeting – Luxembourg