News from the Network of Hospitals – Good Practice Guide

Within the context of the HoNCAB project, exchange of information among the members of the network of hospitals has highlighted differences between Member States in the way cross-border healthcare is organized and potential issues faced by hospitals when dealing with cross-border patients.

Therefore, in 2014 the Hospices Civils de Lyon realized a survey among 12 European hospitals to identify the existing good practices regarding cross-border patients’ care and admission when it comes to the processes, the practices and the organizational methods which give the best answer to cross-border patients’ specific needs and demands. The analysis of the replies enabled to write a guide highlighting good practices and the most common areas for improvement.

The Good Practice Guide adopts the cross-border patient’s point of view, following his healthcare pathway and analyzing step by step the good practices that provide a quality service, which implies to know his expectations, hospital staff capacities and the regulatory framework.

The guide is composed of four chapters. The first provides an overview of cross-border patients’ specific needs and issues. The second presents several good practices regarding patients’ pre-admission and admission while the third focuses on the hospital stay, encompassing issues such as file management and patients’ specific needs, in particular regarding the language and the administrative procedures. Finally, the fourth chapter illustrates good practices concerning discharge, payment and reimbursement.

The Good Practice Guide is available in English and French on HoNCAB website, and can be downloaded at the following link: