News from the Network of Hospitals – Annual meeting of the Management Board

The Hospital Network for Care Across Borders in Europe held its annual meeting of the Network Management Board on the 30th of June 2015.

Hospital Network for Care Across Borders in Europe is the new name agreed by the Board on this occasion. This rebranded name will allow the Network to illustrate at a glance its aim and keep the existing logo while reflecting the European scope of the collaboration.

The virtual annual meeting represented the opportunity to discuss further developments of the Network’s activities and to start a critical discussion concerning its future sustainability following the end of the contractual activities.

The meeting started with a presentation of the website innovations which are the new “Useful documents” section and the amended “Network membership” section which now includes name and contact e-mail of the Liaison Officer of each hospital member.

Another discussed point concerned the main benefits the Network is able to give to its members, linked activities and how these can be sustained in the short and medium term after the end of the EU co-funding. The Board agreed to produce a document highlighting the strategy for the sustainability of the Network.

The Board also discussed a revised version of the Network Protocol which defines Network’s objectives, benefits from participation, its core values as well as governance procedures and how to apply to become a member. After a first version released in 2013 modifications were needed in order to guarantee the Network sustainability and to facilitate its enlargement.

Finally, the Board discussed the preliminary works in preparation of the Final Conference, occasion on which the Network will be officially launched.