HoNCAB project extension

HoNCAB project was initially planned to last three years, thus it was expected to end in August 2015. However, thanks to the interesting results achieved by the core Working Packages and in order to promote a full year monitoring of cross-borders flows, the Project obtained a six months extension. This extra time will promote a deeper and more relevant analysis of the data collected within the Work Package 4, which established a system for exchange of information between hospitals on cross-border patient flows based on a defined set of variables, and the Work Package 5, which collected patients’ qualitative assessments of the perceived quality of care received abroad.

To date, 679 patients’ files were correctly uploaded on the HoNCAB database, together with 99 questionnaires from patients.

The extension will also enhance the preparatory work for the launch of the Hospital Network for Care Across Borders in Europe. The Network brings together hospitals interested in the issue of cross-border healthcare. Members can share their practical experiences, opportunities and critical issues concerning cross-border care, as well as practical and feasible solutions.