Final conference

18 February 2016

Brussels, Belgium

HoNCAB project has been running since September 2012 with the aim to obtain a better understanding of the financial and organisational requirements arising from the implementation of the Directive on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare, thus preparing hospitals to the new applying conditions. During the final conference project’s main results were presented and discussed with the audience, including policymakers and health stakeholders.

The Hospital Network for Care Across Borders in Europe, one of the major project outcomes, was also launched at the event. The Network brings together hospitals interested in sharing experiences and good practices but also critical issues and possible solutions when providing care to cross-border patients.

Final agenda

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Objectives and added value of HoNCAB – Chiara Bovo, University Hospital of Verona , Scientific Coordinator

Launch of the Hospital Network for Care Across Borders in Europe

Presentation of Hospital Network for Care Across Borders in Europe – Florence Adnet Cavaillé and Emma Bassahon, University Hospital of Lyon, WP6 Leader

HoNCAB Results

System for exchange of information – Ranieri Poli and Lorenzo Gangitano, University Hospital of Verona, WP4 Leader

System to receive feedback from patients – Tit Albreht, National Institute of Public Health – Slovenia, WP5 Leader

Comparison of DRG-based tariffs – Alexander Geissler, Technische Universität Berlin, WP7 Leader

Investigation on key thematic issues: tourism, cross-border care – Leopoldo Comisso, Local health authority n. 2 “Bassa Friulana- Isontina”, WP8 Leader

Strengths and limits of the HoNCAB project: preliminary results from the project evaluation – Pietro del Giudice, University of Udine, WP3 Leader

Looking into the future

Recommendations from the HoNCAB project – Maria Ganner, Lower Austrian Health and Social Fund – NÖGUS, WP9 Leader

Cross-border healthcare and the perspective of patients – Kaisa Immonen-Charalambous, Director of Policy, European Patients’ Forum – EPF, Member of HoNCAB advisory board

Cross-border healthcare and the perspective of payers – Corinna Hartrampf, Project Manager, International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies – AIM, Member of HoNCAB advisory board



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