HoNCAB first interim meeting – Brussels

1st interim meeting newsletterThe first interim meeting took place from 3 to 5 July 2013 in Brussels.

The meeting was an opportunity for partners to update each other on the latest progress as well as next steps. In particular, during the meeting the discussions focused on:

  • next steps for the setting up of a web-based application which will be used by hospitals to collect cross-border patients’ information according to pre-defined variables such as socio-demographic, health-related and administration variables. After the piloting of the web-based application (July-August 2013), selected hospitals will participate in a specific training programme in autumn 2013, in order to standardise procedures among the participating countries.
  • content and modalities for the administration of a questionnaire, which will gather the feedback from patients on their satisfaction with the quality of care received and reimbursement. The data collection process will officially start in November 2013;
  • a protocol outlining the organisational structure of the Network of Hospitals, roles and responsibilities as well as procedures for its expansion, including requirements for participation.